Will Kirby

A recent email from John Kirby, yielded the letter shown below:


John makes the following comments:

"Will Kirby is mentioned as an accompanist who was handed the wrong music at a concert, but managed to play the right piece anyway. My mother told me this story adding that after the concert, Joe apologised profusely to Will. As he started to play,
Joe realised what had happened and had a nasty moment!"

"Will's association with Joe may have stemmed from my grandfather's (Will's Father) love of banjo playing and the music of Joe Morley in particular. Will senior was a part timer who played at local music halls and other gigs. He specialised in set piece banjo solos and was also an accomplished mandolin player.. As a boy I enjoyed listening to him practice his banjo. My favourite was 'Donkey Laugh'"

Will lived in Ilford Essex and was associated with both the Ilford and the London banjo clubs. He also played accordion and led the Ilford Accordion Club. (see photo of Will, on this occasion on piano with the Jimmy Edwards band)


Click here for more information about Will's father Bill at www.zither-banjo.org